”This Kid I Know”: Cat

”This Kid I Know”: Cat

This Kid I Know” is a series of birthday posts on Never Stationary, my friend Catherine Zhang’s blog, where she dedicates a blog post to a friend on his or her birthday. I’m not starting the same thing on my blog, but instead dedicating this one post to her because she’s turning 21! 

Sup, Cat! I’ve always wondered if you’ve ever wondered if someone is going to write you a “This Kid I Know.” Now that you’re hitting the big 21, I figured it should be your turn to shine, just like many others who had the honor to be mentioned on your blog.

From freshman year till now, we have been through so much and created so many memories together. Watching silent cooking videos on a Friday night, going on failed sunset meet-ups, traveling an hour on public transport just to get to a farmers’ market, being crazy cat ladies together (you own more cat shirts than I do and you don’t even have any real cats as pets), groceries shopping in Trader Joe’s, and of course, all of our eating-out adventures. The list goes on, but here are some of my favorites:

  • How we met is probably my favorite all-time friendship story. I’m glad that your blog post caught my eye before the start of freshman year which had prompted me to reach out and say that you’re very cool and inspiring. If anyone ever asks us how we met I’ll never get tired of telling the story.
  • My journey with my food blog. From encouraging me to start my own, to proof-reading my first post, to guest posting and shooting videos together, you’ve been by my side through this all. Thanks for the support and being my #1 inspiration.
  • I can send you the most random food shit from online and you will always get me. From texts about beets and Gordon Ramsay to our love for Brothers Green, I don’t need to think twice before linking you to something, even though you are pretty terrible at replying.
  • Transitioning me from an EDM noob to… less of an EDM noob, with all the playlists you made for me that I never get to finish listening to. Now my Spotify playlist is no longer just US Top 50’s!
  • Our pink-hair phase. Oh my I don’t think I’ve ever done something so radical so impulsively.
  • Our vacation trips together – from LA and San Diego last spring break, to Atlanta and NOLA this year, to that summer when you visited Hong Kong (!!!), it’s Cat and Nat taking the world, one city at a time.


You are always open-minded, ready to be inspired and never judgmental. You are a goddamn free-spirit and I have so much to learn from you. You challenge me to be more carefree, to embrace uncertainty, and to be a better friend. From your obsession with Snapchat where you post whatever the hell you want on your stories with zero shame, to the variety of hilarious cat apparel you wear in public, you are your own personal brand and your IDGAF confidence is something I aspire to be more so myself.

Traveling with you over this spring break shed a new light to our friendship. That was the first time we spent so much one-on-one time together, and we discovered quite a few differences in our personalities. I realized many things about you that I haven’t before. How understanding and empathetic you are to others (thanks for putting up with my occasional grouchiness), your ability to click with anyone, open-mindedness in embracing the weird and the unknown, ability to dance with the flow. You are the life of the party! I feel like I don’t express this enough, but you’re an amazing and beautiful human being and don’t you ever forget that.

HAPPY FREAKING 21ST BIRTHDAY! We’ve come a long way from our 17-18 year old freshman selves. Get lit and stay hydrated, my friend. ❤



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