October and November Highlights

October and November Highlights

Salut mes amis! This is a short-ish, lazy post – basically a rundown of my favorite eats and discoveries in Paris that spanned the two months of October and November. My bad for flaking out in October – my fall break trip to Italy has consumed most of it, and so I figured I could just combine the two months. Check these places out while you can – I strongly recommend everything that’s mentioned here! Arrondissements are in brackets.

Le Hardware Societe: Salmon Millefeuille

Restaurants and Cafes

  • Ober Mamma – Hands down, my favorite Italian place. Food review here. (11th)
  • Café CC – Stumbled upon on the way to Blé Sucré (see below). It was in a Harry Potter theme for Halloween and it’s actually so wonderfully decorated. They serve banana bread which was literally called Hagrid’s Banana Bread so I just gotta get it. It was amazing. (12th)
  • Auguste – Dined at a one Michelin-starred restaurant and it was quite a gastronomic experience. (7th)
  • Café de Flore – You come here to feel the cultural significance and not necessarily for the absurdly overpriced but mediocre food (€7 for a cappuccino, anyone?) Because afterall, it is one of the oldest coffeehouses in Paris, used to hosting regulars like Pablo Picasso and Georges Bataille. Eating here is one of those touristy things you kind of have to do once, and will never do again. (6th)
  • L’Avant Comptoir – Unbeatable tapas. Check out my review! (6th)
  • Ob La Di – Tiny, quaint cafe in the middle of Le Maris neighborhood, serving avocado toasts, matcha granola, and a sick selection of coffee. (3rd)
  • Hollybelly – A really popular brunch place, the wait was over an hour on a Sunday when I arrived at around 10:45am. They have standard but very delicious brunch items, and very friendly service despite the crowd. (10th)
  • Chez Janou – A traditional French bistro with homey vibes. I got the escargot tagliatelle which was pleasantly delicious but not exceptional. It’s also my first time trying escargots!! (See feature photo) (3rd)
  • Fraîche – A hidden gem near Canal Saint Martin serving modern French cuisine, its food is elegantly executed, yet the dining atmosphere is very down-to-earth. Lunch is reasonably priced, starting at €16 for a 3-course meal. (10th)
  • Angelina – A bakery/tea house that has been around since 1903, incredibly famous for their hot chocolate. There was a line (mainly tourists) outside when I went, but don’t be intimidated – it trickles by pretty quickly. Their signature hot chocolate was like molten chocolate lava, so this is for those who like a little indulgence. (1st)
  • Le Hardware Société – An Australian brunch place up in Montmartre, I would give my praise more on their vibe (charming and friendly) and location (next to Sacre Coeur) than their food, which made good aesthestics for the camera but taste slightly above average. (18th)
  • Chez Omar – my first time experiencing Moroccan food and I really enjoyed it. Can’t tell if this is one of the better places in Paris since I haven’t tried anywhere else, but thumbs up for hearty portions, delicious couscous and quick service. (3rd)
Fraiche: Main dish (fried fish with carrot puree and sweet potato chips) of the 3-course lunch.
Angelina: Hot chocolate and Millefeuille
Holybelly: Savory Stack (pancakes with fried eggs, bacon, housemade Bourbon butter and maple syrup)


  • Blé Sucré – Known for their butter, flaky croissants that are top-notch in Paris. (12th)
  • Des Gâteaux et Du Pain – You have regular bakeries that you pass by on the streets, and then you have Des Gâteaux et Du Pain. It’s like the Galeries Lafayette of bakeries. Sleek, black, classy interior. (7th)
  • Du Pain et Des Idées – I tried their signatures, le Pain des Amis, and an escargot pastry. Tasty but not mind-blowing – where did the hype come from? Maybe I’ll go back for their chocolate-pistachio escargot next time. (10th)
  • Boulangerie Utopie – This is not your traditional Parisian bakery. What surprised me was that they offered green tea, sesame and charcoal flavored bread and cakes, which is not that common in Paris. Pastries and bread are absolutely wonderful. The bakery was awarded the prize La Meilleure Boulangerie de France (Best Bakery in France) in 2016. (11th)
Du Pain et Des Idees: le Pain des Amis and Escargot aux fruits rouges
Boulangerie Utopie: Paris-Brest and Sesame Tart

Bars and cocktails

  • Candelaria – Probably my favorite bar so far as they served the best cocktail ever. Its storefront is a cute, tiny tacos place, but- wait for it – there is also a hidden bar, legitimately hidden behind an inauspicious, white door. I instantly fell head over heels for the dim, classy ambience that’s a world away from the restaurant part. Vibes, checked. Service, check. Ambience, check. Cocktail? Triple check. (3rd)
  • Le Comptoir Général – A hotel-turned-bar-slash-club, anyone? The inside was very spacious, with different sections for getting drinks, chilling, and dancing. (10th)
  • Wine Touch – Serving over 80 types of wine for you to sample, this wine bar has bottles of wines lining the walls, and you can pick the wine and glass size to sample by pushing the buttons above the wine – almost like a vending machine. There is a comfortable lounge downstairs, perfect for chilling with friends. (4th)
Cafe Pouchkine: Macarons


  • Marché d’Aligre – An outdoors market that was pumping on the Sunday I went, with rows of vendors selling fresh produces stretches on the entire street. There is also an indoors market, with boucheries and fromageries all lined up with customers. (12th)
  • Café Pouchkine – (I put this in “Others” because I didn’t actually dine here) I got their macarons – large, beautiful, melt-in-your-mouth delicacies. A little on the pricey side – 12 euros for 5, but these are some of the best macarons I’ve had. (6th)
  • Maison Vicens – I’m not really a candy or chocolate person, but  I am a big nougat fan and this Spanish sweets shop has an amazing variety of nougats, without being overpriced (like 99% of nougats out there). Bonus points to free samples and the friendly shopkeeper! (5th)

Do you have any food or drinks recommendations in Paris? Comment below! 


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