Ober Mamma: Italian in Paris that Won Me Over

Ober Mamma: Italian in Paris that Won Me Over

I think I may have found my favorite Italian restaurant.


Bold statement because Italian is probably one of my favorite cuisines of all time. Nothing can win my heart quite like some hearty, well-cooked pasta and fresh pizzas.


I’ve been aching to go to Ober Mamma for the longest time, because being the avid and shameless food-stalker I am, everything I saw on Yelp and Instagram from this Italian restaurant makes me drool. So on a bright, chilly Saturday afternoon I set off, aiming to arrive at this restaurant 15 minutes before they opened for lunch, because I knew there was going to be a line.

And, of course, I was late and arrived just as the restaurant opened and already the restaurant was filling up as the line trickled in. My friends and I were seated outside. It was 10 degrees Celsius but that’s okay, because look at how happy my friends are, with the blankets the restaurants provided us with and the (not-pictured) heat lamp above.

Oscar and Louise color-coded with the restaurant!

I took a bathroom break after we ordered our food, and when I stepped inside the restaurant, I was surprised by how big and beautiful it is. Think rustic and antique, but artsy and cozy. Wooden cabinets, chunks of pork legs hung up on the ceiling, fresh-baked bread displayed next to the semi-open kitchen. Everything has an artistic flair to it – plates, jugs, menus. There are actually so many seats in the restaurant and I couldn’t believe they were already all filled up!


I was already in love with the restaurant because I judged a book by its cover. But the best part is yet to come.

La Fameuse Pâte à la Truffe (€18)
The Famous Truffle Pasta



Do you see what I see? It’s beauty right there. Malfada pasta cooked to perfect al dente, coated with thick, creamy mascarpone sauce and drizzled with tiny streaks of olive oil. Thin flakes of truffle mushroom that are light like feather but are the show-stopper of the dish. Each bite is its own truffle indulgence. I love the fact that it was cooked and served in a copper pot, making the dish all the more hearty and home-styled.

My friends also got pasta dishes and they are equally amazing.

Cool Lemon Boogaloo (€13)
Linguini with burrata cheese, lemon zests and tomatoes


Pumpkin Gnocco (€15)
Pumpkin gnocchi with squash gratin, purple cauliflowers, almonds, dill and sage


The portion sizes are also just right for us – Goldilocks would totally approve. The dishes struck the right balance between delicacy and indulgence. Which left room for dessert, and we each got a tiramisu (€6.50).

The server scooped the tiramisu straight out of the baking dish.

Out of the tray…
…and onto my plate!

Although the price is a little high for the portion size, and the tiramisu is on the softer side, you definitely can’t beat the flavors. Moist and creamy, with the coffee almost oozing out on the sides, this tiramisu packed a nice punch of flavors. Couldn’t think of a better way to wrap up our Italian meal.

You know that feeling sometimes after you finished something extraordinarily delicious, that little glow from pure happiness and a contented belly? That was me as I stood up from the table.

Both the pasta and the tiramisu are actually one of the best I’ve had in a while – and that’s saying from someone who just got back from Italy. (Which, by the way, blog post is coming up soon!) Everything about Ober Mamma has won me over – the hominess, the decor, the style, their amazing food –  and little details such as the font of the restaurant’s name, the quaint, little dessert menu, even the interior of their bathrooms. Next time, I’ll be smart and arrive even earlier to snatch a table indoors.


Ober Mamma
Phone: 01 58 30 62 78
Address: 107 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris


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