September Highlights

September Highlights

I CAN’T believe I’m already on my fifth week here in Paris! But to be fair, summer feels like a world away. The feeling of being completely detached from Hong Kong and Chicago is strangely calming. Most of the time, I don’t even think about what’s happening elsewhere, because there’s just so much going on in Paris – museums, festivals, restaurants, weekend trips around France…

So, to wrap things up for September, here are several delicious highlights of my month, specific restaurants, dishes or treats I’ve gotten that I still dream of every now and then, and will probably go back to get more of.

La Chemise

My friend, Erin, and I talked about splurging on eating out once in a while in Paris, and we chose this cozy restaurant located in the 3rd. I expected to splurge around €50 – and was very pleasantly surprised a 3 course lunch was only €20! Casually chic, this small restaurant serves modern French cuisine. I had a delicious meal with a goat cheese croustillant (pastry crisp), creamy risotto with paprika prawns, and sorbet for dessert.

Croustillant de Chèvres
Gambas au Paprika Juste Saisie, Risotto Crémeux

Boutique Yam’Tcha

This place is the boutique counterpart of the actual restaurant, Yam’Tcha, which was featured on Netflix’s new Chef Table France series! Credits to Gioia, my friend, who told me about it and brought me there. The boutique is a more casual and affordable part of the French-Chinese fusion, one Michelin-starred restaurant. Stuffed with fillings inspired by Chinese ingredients, the soft buns with a French twist were delicate but bursting with flavors. My favorites were onions with cheese, and crab meat. The boutique also serves an exquisite selection of tea.

Assortment of five baos. 
Gooey Stilton cheese!

Galettes (Little Breizh, Chez Alain Miam Miam)

Not gonna lie, I dig savory crepes more than sweet ones. Galettes, which are crepes made with buckwheat that gave them the brown color and savoriness, come with a wide range of fillings. My favorites so far have been from Little Breizh and Chez Alain Miam Miam (in Marche des Enfants Rouges), both famous galette places in Paris.

Chez Alain Miam Miam: Galette Fraicheur
Little Breizh: Galette of the day, with Bayonne ham, comté cheese and caramelized onions. Sorry for the crappy quality, I only had my phone with me 😦


Having been around since 1928, Berthillon is a beloved ice cream shop and manufacturer in Paris. You can see Berthillon ice cream served in different locations all over the city. I’ve paid several visits to the original location and I have two suggestions: go for a double scoop (a single scoop is tiny), and the sorbets are better than ice creams.

Nougat miel (honey nougat). This is a single scoop and the size is a little sad, I know.

Moules Frites

I’ve never liked mussels. The coasts of Northern France changed that. On my weekend trips to Normandy, the cities themselves known for delicious seafood, I’ve learned to love the pots overflown with mussels so fresh, sweet and tiny that they were a little addicting. Totally worth the messy fingers and mussel shells getting everywhere.

Mussels from St. Malo, cooked in a tarragon cream sauce. Still dreaming about them. 

Honorary mention: L’As du Fallafel 

If you go on Yelp (it’s my holy grail for restaurant reviews), select location as Paris, search “Restaurants” and filter results to “Most Reviewed”, this place is #1 on the list – and for good reasons. Only €6 for a generously stuffed falafel pita sandwich, the falafels were fried with a nice crunch, slathered with garlic sauce and topped with chunks of tomatoes and fried eggplants. Why honory mention? Because I’m not a big fan of falafels, but this was pretty on point.


I’m excited to explore more good places in October! But you can say my September was pretty lit.


(Still gotta thanks Cat for giving me that word. )


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