Ignorant Bliss, A Prelude

Ignorant Bliss, A Prelude

I STARTED A PARIS CHAPTER YAY! Welcome to my first Paris post.

For those who don’t know, I’m currently studying a semester abroad in Paris. Paris, where Michelin stars fall from the sky, an average lunch takes 3 hours, croissants get dunked in wine, and all your love dreams come true.

On a slightly less stereotypical and closer to reality note, it is actually already my fourth week in Paris, and there’s so much I would love to share. I don’t think it’ll ever hit me that I’m actually living in a city I’ve dreamed of since I started taking French in high school. From casually chilling with friends by the Seine at night, to passing by the Eiffel Tower whenever I head to my sports class, everything still feels surreal.

So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’ll keep things short and sweet. This, at the end of the day, is still a food and (kind of) lifestyle blog, so each post will be dedicated to one aspect of my culinary adventure in Paris – nothing too long, and I’ll try not to ramble. Whether it be a post solely on baguettes or a list of my favorite bakeries, they will be a combination of random thoughts, ignorant opinions, insights I came up while tipsy on wine, and information that I Google consequentially to make sure I don’t sound too stupid. And perhaps I can even tell you which stereotypes are true and which ones are BS.

Basically it’ll be me judging everything Parisian while trying to sound cultured, because afterall I’m just an oblivious exchange student with a terrible French accent, right?

Hopefully, the up and coming contents are not going to be some generic opinion and experience of an overly excited exchange student, but rather insights and lessons I learn along the way, knowledge that build upon each other until at the end of the semester, voilà, I can at least get to school without using Google maps.

À bientôt!

My new best friend, baguette, and I



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