My Favorite Food Websites and Channels!

My Favorite Food Websites and Channels!

I get asked quite often where I find good restaurant recommendations, or just food inspirations in general. I also have this habit of sending my friends random links of food facts/recipes/videos from all over the place. So for those who are wondering where I get all those from, here is a list of my favorite websites and Youtube channels that I often visit to procrastinate and to feed my hungry eyes.


Source: bestcompany

1. Foodgawker

This is my holy grail website. No, I don’t literally gawk at the food, but the aesthetics of the featured recipes are pretty amazing. There’s a wide range of recipes available, and I think I’ve saved more than 1,000 of them, except I don’t think I’ve actually made any of them…


Source: Thrillist

2. Thrillist

What’s wonderful about this website is that you can look up eating, drinking, and lifestyle guides in more than 40 cities, mostly in the U.S. Chicago, of course, is my most frequently visited one. Unlike your typical, cliché online guides, these ones offer more underrated and hipstery reviews like best donuts according to neighborhoods, BYOB restaurants openings in 2015, etc. This is where I find most of my eating-out destinations.


Source: Twitter

3. Erwan Heussaff

OMG this dude is my crush. I first found him through Tastemade‘s snapchat stories (see below), and ever since I’ve been wooed by his charm. On his Youtube channel, he teaches you how to cook simple Filipino dishes and does a bunch of other food videos, but honestly I don’t really care what he cooks, he’s just so freaking chill and cool. Check out his Overnight Travel Guide To Asia videos, where he hit up 5 major cities in Asia and made 20-minute long travel guides. The videography is amazing and the videos gave me major wanderlust. He also has a website, The Fat Kid Inside.


Source: MTV

4. Brothers Green Eats

My friend Cat first introduced me to this channel and I was AMAZED. These two brothers started cooking in college, coming up with incredible recipes that use simple techniques and everyday ingredients, but with crazy creativity. My favorite is their 10 Creative Recipes Using Just An Egg video, but they also have so much other insane kitchen shit going on which you should definitely check out.


Source: Here & Now

5. Maangchi

This was a very recent discovery and it’s a weirdly addicting Youtube channel. Maangchi, an adorable ajumma (Korean for a married woman), teaches you how to make relatively doable Korean recipes, but it’s her quirky and maternal personality that draws you to her videos. I’m such a sucker for Korean food so this channel is a gem.

maxresdefault CSRyOnTXAAAvcxj

6. Snapchat (Food Network, Tastemade)

I like checking out Food Network and Tastemade on Snapchat “Discover”everyday. They are fun to watch, and are great distractions in class. Food Network showcases food news and recipes from all around the world, while Tastemade focuses more on featuring different chefs each day to teach you quick, easy dishes.


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