My type of comfort food: banana bread

My type of comfort food: banana bread

Sometimes the simple pleasures in life are, well, really simple. A cup of coffee in the morning, a gentle purr from your cat, a gust of cool evening breeze brushing against your face. I associate comfort with simplicity, and food with comfort. I guess I found love in a banana place – my type of comfort lays in a slice of warm, homemade banana bread.

The first times of a lot of things are often unforgettable, whether it’s good or bad. More often than not your first experience with something pretty much determines your general impression and judgement of whatever that thing is. I’ll never forget the first time I sank my teeth into a piece of moist and dense banana bread. It was both heavenly and sinful. Since then I’ve baked countless banana bread, hunting for recipes, tasting different variations, and (still) attempting to find the perfect recipe.


I even wrote a piece of meditation on banana bread. Back in senior year of high school, everyone was required to write a meditation – a personal reflection on anything, usually something close to your heart. So while my friends and classmates talked about their families, heart breaks, racial segregation, I ranted for ten full pages on the subject of banana bread. I don’t know, it seems like the normal thing to do back then. I enjoyed writing my meditation and will post it in this blog later on 🙂

This banana bread was a little different from the ones I used to make. I used Flour Bakery’s recipe posted by The Tummy Train– Flour Bakery is this wonderful bakery in Boston that is famous for its baked goods, one of them banana bread. I tried it once and oh. my. god. it was good. This one I baked was smoother and fluffier than my previous ones, with just the right amount of banana aroma. I had it for breakfast and it made my day 🙂



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