Sunny side up on a gloomy day at Yolk.

Sunny side up on a gloomy day at Yolk.

I love brunches. I’m a big believer in breakfast comfort food, because you can never go wrong with some warm pancakes and soft scrambled eggs to kick off your day. 😀  A bad hair day, a hangover, or just one of those random, blue days -there’s nothing some quality comfort food can’t fix. Power up with some french toast and you’re all set to go.

Yolk. is the place where you can find such quality comfort food. If you are a brunch person, you gotta hit up this place. The food was so good that it completely beat the gloomy, windy, chilly Chicago day in June. (Yes, June)

Yolk. has several locations around Chicago, and we visited the one in Streeterville. It was pretty packed with people when we arrived, but we didn’t have to wait long before getting seated, ~10 minutes or so. The restaurant itself has a cheerful and chill atmosphere, maybe it’s because of the blue and yellow color theme in Yolk. -they are the main colors of the restaurant’s interior, menu, and website.

This restaurant specializes in breakfast and brunch food, and you can tell that they are very generous with their options. Their menus boast an exciting variety of food, offering many choices of pancakes, waffles, benedicts, skillets, etc etc. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there is guaranteed something for you. It took us quite a while to make our final picks!

The four of us shared two savory and two sweet dishes. They all arrived at the same time within 15 minutes after we ordered, which was wonderful because we were hungry and there is nothing more beautiful than a table filled with plates of freshly cooked food.

First up, the corned beef hash and eggs combo. ($10.99) Two sunny side ups over a mound of corned beef hash, with a side of diced red potatoes and English muffin. The spotlight was the corned beef hash. I’m not a fan of corned beef, but the ones at Yolk. had the perfect amount of saltiness in it and you can still taste the rich aroma of the beef. Which is saying a lot because most corned beef I had was bland and threatened to numb your tongue with saltiness. The potatoes were crispy and it was a delight to wolf down this well-executed dish.

FullSizeRender (1)
Corned beef hash and eggs combo

We also got the west coast crepes ($12.49), which were two sweet crepes stuffed with avocado and mushrooms blended with scrambled eggs and a lot of cheese, with a piece of toast on the side. My friends loved this dish but I didn’t find it too appealing. I wasn’t very keen on the combination of the sweet crepes and the savory fillings. (Didn’t get a chance to take a picture of it, my b!)

The sweet dishes were absolutely on point. The nutty monkey cakes (10.99) were pancakes filled banana slices and chocolate chips, slathered with peanut butter in between and topped with even more bananas and drizzled with chocolate sauce, and they tasted like a happy party in my mouth. It’s a really loaded dish but everything balanced out perfectly. The best part was the texture of the pancakes, which were perfectly fluffy,  but also slightly crispy on the outside and edges. Hmm, pancakes with a crunch, loved it.

FullSizeRender (2)
Nutty monkey cakes (PC: Selina)

I also really loved the Tour de France (10.99), a combination of three types of French toasts: banana nut bread, sweet orange bread and lemon poppyseed bread.  This is not your usual French toast, because they used cakes instead of traditional bread, and the outcome was an absolutely delight. I would gladly eat any of these cakes just by themselves, but imagine them warm with a buttery, crispy exterior and soaked in maple syrup. Mmm.

Tour de France

You get the bang for the buck at this brunch heaven. We each ended up paying about $15, which was a sweet deal considering the size of the portions and the swift service. We were all very pleasantly full after demolishing each dish, down to the scrapes. Absolutely loved this place, and I think you’d like it too 🙂


Address: 335 East Ohio Street, Chicago, IL

Number: 312 822 9655

Price: $10-15


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