Des sucrées et salées à Crêperie Saint-Germain!

Des sucrées et salées à Crêperie Saint-Germain!

The sweet and savory at Creperie Saint-Germain!

If you are looking for a comfy, peaceful brunch place to catch up with a friend, or craving something special and delicate for your sweet tooth, then look no further than Creperie Saint-Germain, one of my favorite restaurants in Evanston! Located in a quiet corner of Sherman Ave in Evanston, it is a sophisticated, classy little French place that offers brunch food, coffees, desserts and more. It is the sister restaurant of Bistro Bordeaux and Patisserie Coralie, two other French cafes/restaurants in Evanston.


Creperie Saint-Germain gives off a comfortable, cozy European vibe when you walk in, with its antique furnitures and vintage framed posters decor on the wall. It was crowded on the Sunday morning that I went, but was a lot more spacious the second time I visited, on a beautiful Thursday afternoon. We sat outside that time, and it was gorgeous!

Photo courtesy of Stephanie 🙂

The restaurant’s menu is written in French, with English translations underneath each item’s name. The waiter speaks fluent French and would repeat our orders in a raspy, French accent that we mispronounced so badly.

One of the reasons why I love this cozy restaurant so much is because it does a very good job in making both their savory and sweet crepes. I ate there twice and each time I ended up very satisfied and happy.

On my first visit, I got the Crepe Classique ($8), a savory crepe with eggs over easy, gruyere cheese and French ham. It came with a choice of French fries, petit salad or coupe de fruit (cut up fruits). I got the salad. The dish was a delicious blend of all my breakfast favorites, wrapped in a delicate piece of buckwheat crepe. Everything tasted fresh and perfectly cooked -runny, liquidy eggs, melted cheese, and thin sliced ham. The portion was just right for my fairly small appetite.

Crepe Classique
Crepe Classique

Next came the star of the meal – Banane a la creme ($6). I don’t know what’s not to love about this dessert crepe! I got it on both of my visits because it’s just so good. Filled with fresh banana cream, the crepes came with a side of flambéed banana slices in warm caramel sauce that you pour over the crepes. I’m always a little hesitant when getting banana desserts because the flavor can come off as artificial and overly sweet. But not this. The cream was light, boasting a fresh, delicate banana flavor. The sauce added the right amount of sweetness to the crepes and brought the dessert to a whole new level of deliciousness. Pouring the sauce over the crepes gave me those tingles of excitement and is a perfect, Instagram-worthy food porn. Bananas + caramel = can anything go wrong???  ❤

Banane a la creme (on the bottom right)
Banane a la creme (right)

Second time around, we also got the Marquis ($6) -chocolate crepes with dark chocolate mousse, glazed mixed berries, drizzled with white chocolate sauce. This is a chocolate heaven for chocoholics. There was slightly too much mousse in the crepes, throwing off the ratio between the crepes and their fillings, but overall it was a sweet delicacy that wasn’t too over the top sweet.

The French press coffee was also really decent, especially served with cream. I’m not an expert in coffee so I couldn’t gauge how good this was, but I liked it.

Marquis. Photo courtesy of Selina!
Marquis. Photo courtesy of Selina!

Love this place.It’s also a nice getaway place, aka somewhere to go when you want to run away from midterms, papers, dining hall food…

Toutes des bonnes nourritures –c’est la vie! All the good food –this is the life!

Creperie Saint-Germain

Address: 1512 Sherman Ave, Evanston, IL

Price: $10-$20

Number: 847 859 2647

*Closed on Mondays*


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